The HOD's Welcome Note


Head of Department

I am highly humbled and privileged to welcome all our students to the Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management in the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences of this evolving citadel of learning. First and foremost I welcome and congratulate all the new students (new crocs) for being found worthy by the university to be admitted into the undergraduate programme of the Department, while also felicitating with our returning crocs. This is one of the pioneer Departments at the inception of the university, poised for the maintenance of high academic standards and sound moral towards producing high quality Foresters and Wildlife graduates. The underlining objective of this programme is to make you self-reliant, innovative and employer of labour rather than job seekers at your graduation thereby contributing your quota to national development. The Department from inception operates as one indivisible entity where both staff and students interact in a friendly academic environment in pursuit of high professional excellence guided by sound morals and best practices. The Department is endowed with quality and sound mind lecturers working diligently to ensure high academic standards and discipline typical of any upright University

 Staff-students advisers are available at each level of your programme and are always ready to assist and guide every student in their academic pursuit and general welfare through effective counseling while as a student in the university. All students are therefore encouraged to seek/ask for assistance as the need arises.  The Department will not tolerate indolence or any unruly behaviors while we also have zero tolerance to all forms of examination malpractices. Students are therefore encouraged to work extremely hard and seek for information on any issues if in doubt either from the Head of Department or their level advisers. On behalf of the Departmental board, Great Crocs, I welcome you and wishing you all resounding success and fulfilling stay in the Department and the University




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