Staff Information

IBRAHIM, Tanimu Kogi (Engr.)
  • Name: IBRAHIM, Tanimu Kogi (Engr.)
  • Rank: Lecturer I
  • Department: Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Responsibility: Academic staff
  • Phone Number: +2348037480703
  • Office Address: Faculty of Engineering Building, Federal University Wukari
  • Research Interest: Design, modelling and optimization of process, characterization of materials, CNC programming
  • Specialization: Production Engineering

List of Publications

  1. Tanimu, I., Danjuma S, Y., & Shekarau Y, A.(2013). Effects of gas metal arc welding techniques on the mechanical properties of duplex stainless steel,Journal of minerals and materials Characterization and Engineering 2013, .

  2. Luka, B. S., Robinson, I. E., Sampson, C. O., Japhet, J. A., Ibrahim, T. K., & Udom, P. O.(2020). Effect of diesel fuel blend on flame and emission characteristics of used engine oil as heating fuel using swirl waste oil burner,Rigas Tehniskas Universitates Zinatniskie Raksti 24(1), 545-561, .

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  5. Thaddaeus, J., Asukwo, E. O., Ibrahim, T. K., Iroka, J., & Iwokette, U. J.(2022). Quantifying energy-related CO2 emissions reduction potential of a proposed organic rankine cycle system for exhaust heat recovery application in commercial trucks,Energy and Climate Change 3, 10.1016/j.egycc.2022.100083

  6. Julius, T., Ibrahim, T. K., Asukwo, E. O., & Innocent, E. I.(2021). Performance assessment of a heat recovery unit utilizing turbine with variable inlet guide vanes configuration for application in passenger vehicles,Journal of Power and Energy Engineering 9(5), 120-133, 10.4236/jpee.2021.95008

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  11. Ahmadu, T.O, Ibrahim, T.K and Seriki, A.O(2021). Comparative Performance Evaluation of a Natural Convection Mud Brick Solar Dryer and Open Sun Drying for Drying Cassava,Uniport Journal of Engineering and Scientific Research (UJESR) 6(1), 180-186, .

  12. Ibrahim, T. K., Thaddaeus, J., Luka, B. S., & Leva, I. U.(2019). Effect of neem and lubricating oils (85w90) as quenchants on the mechanical properties of gas metal arc welded duplex stainless steel,Not available Not available, 10.5281/zenodo.2647005

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