Staff Information

ADEDEJI, Olajide Emmanuel
  • Name: Dr ADEDEJI, Olajide Emmanuel
  • Rank: Lecturer I
  • Department: Food Science and Technology
  • Email:
  • Responsibility: 100 Level Adviser
  • Phone Number: +23408030608536
  • Office Address: Department of Food Science and Technology, Federal University Wukari, Wukari, Nigeria.
  • Research Interest: <p>Valorization of agricultural residues for the production of bio-molecules; enzymes production and applications in food processes; functional foods.&nbsp;</p>
  • Specialization: <p>Food Fermentation/Biotechnology, Enzymes Technology, and Food Process Engineering.</p>

List of Publications

  1. Ocheme, O.B., Adedeji, O.E., Chinma, C.E., Yakubu, C.M. and Ajibo, U.H.(2018). Proximate composition, functional, and pasting properties of wheat and groundnut protein concentrate flour blends,Food Science and Nutrition,

  2. Adedeji, O.E. and Ezekiel, O.O.(2019). Pretreatment of selected peels for polygalacturonase production by Aspergillus awamori CICC 2040: Purification and application in mango juice extraction,Bioresource Technology Reports,

  3. Adedeji, O.E. and Tadawus, N.(2019). Functional properties of maize flour (Zea mays) and stability of its paste (tuwo) as influenced by processing methods and baobab (Adansonia digitata) pulp inclusion,Ukrainian Journal of Food Science, 10.24263/2310- 1008-2019-7-1-7

  4. Ezekiel, O.O., Adeniyi, A. K and Adedeji, O. E.(2020). Biochemical Changes during Controlled Fermentation of Cottonseed (Gossypium hirsutum L.) for Owoh Production,Nigerian Food Journal, 37(2), Accepted 21 January, 2020.,

  5. Ezekiel, O.O. and Adedeji, O.E.(2020). Proximate composition, functional, and sensory properties of fermented maize (Zea mays) and moringa (Moringa oleifera) seed protein concentrate flour blends,Annals. Food Science and Technology, 21(1): 202-210,

  6. Abiodun, O.A., Adedeji, O.G. and Adedeji, O.E.(2020). Effect of packaging on the quality of pre-cooked cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) flour,Applied Tropical Agriculture, 25(1):93-100.,

  7. Ezekiel, O.O., Ojuola, O.F and Adedeji, O.E.(2020). Stability of encapsulated Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) juice,Acta Periodica Technologica, 51, Accepted on 17 July, 2020.,

  8. Adedeji, O.E. and Ezekiel, O.O.(2020). Chemical composition and physicochemical properties of mango juice extracted using polygalacturonase produced by Aspergillus awamori CICC 2040 on pretreated orange peel,LWT Food Science and Technology,

  9. Adedeji, O.E. and Ezekiel, O.O.(2020). Inactivation kinetics and thermodynamic properties of polygalacturonase produced by Aspergillus awamori CICC 2040 on pretreated orange and plantain peels,Acta Periodica Technologica, 51, Accepted on 27 July, 2020.,